MechaChain - Whitepaper - English

Vision and mission

Our mission

MechaChain was created with the desire to further expand the boundaries of combat video games and with the firm intention of making a breakthrough in the recreational use of blockchain technology.
The combination of 3D NFT to build one's own fighting robot and in-game tokenomics with rewarding prospects will open up a space of competition, entertainment and economic development for players not found in today's highly elitist e-sports environment.
Our mobile-first approach, encouraged by the mobile game market growth and the emergence of more and more elaborate creations, is further driven by the desire to open the crypto play-to-earn world to a wider audience.
We are convinced of the disruptive potential of Virtual Reality and we are pioneers in its use in video games. We plan to offer an immersive experience to our Mecha pilots, thanks to a scenario and to controls that will be truly designed for VR headsets, with the goal of making MechaChain a real metaverse in the future.

Our vision

We believe in a future where it is possible to become a professional Mecha pilot within the game.
We believe in creating a blockchain-based in-game economy driven by the creativity and competitive spirit of our players.
And above all, we believe that the border between real life and virtual games will vanish in the near future.