Project Info

  1. Project Name: Mechachain

  2. Project Ticker: $MECHA

  3. Total Supply: 100.000.000

  4. Token Mechanism: standard erc20

  5. Token Type: ERC20

  6. Contract Address: 0xc1dc5605b242a658adfc7d6e693a50aefb49bbae and 0xfde61ea5a1c8827f0c83e1b3c05a3cdefed8a8db

  7. Token Allocation:


Growth fund

15% tge + 15% per month


Private sale

20% TGE then 20% every month


Public sale

20% TGE then 20% every month



Released at TGE


Staking rewards

3 year diffusion, only 14% allocated right now


Play to earn managed by the DAO

0% TGE than 50% after 5 month



0% when attributed than 20% every 6 months (only 0.5%/5% is allocated)



1 year cliff than 20% every 6 months


Dev studio

20% when attributed then 20% every 2 months (nom only 30k/5millions attributed)


Burn (unsold)



MechaChain Tokenomics objectives

Tokenomics is at the heart of the MechaChain project and its implementation is a way for us to offer new perspectives in video games:

  • Bypassing the usual e-sport circuits to make competition and rewards through playing (Play-to-Earn) more accessible and rewarding.

  • Decentralize ownership and in-game economy to make it fairer, more transparent and open

  • Partially decentralize game governance to put players and the community at the center of the development process

  • Offer rewards to early supporters and businesses that support the game


In MechaChain, there are several types of NFT:

  • Parts that are assembled and a Mecha. The parts are completely separable from the Mecha and have life points. These parts can be repaired.

  • The terrains, placed on the planets enable the player to earn a percentage of the rewards.

Purchases are made in crypto-currency and then in Mechanium on the official MechaChain website and eventually through the game. In case of coin distribution on other websites like OpenSea, it will be possible to buy in a different crypto-currency like ETH.

On each transaction of this type, 5% will be charged in total: 2.5% to support the development of the game and 2.5% joining the general pilot reward pool, called Play To Earn pool. (% determined by the DAO)

Robot composition

Logging in to the MechaChain website allows you to view the planets in the game, which are revealed gradually.

As soon as a new series of Mecha is issued, it is no longer possible to buy more Mecha from previous series in order to support the rarification of NFT.

The mint price and the time needed to mint a given module will be based on a mathematical formula taking into account the rarity of the component, its quantity in relation to the number of players and the last second-hand price observed on the market.

The NFTs that make up the mecha are the following, this is currently under study:

  • The energy core, generator module, which will determine the color of the mecha

  • The left forearm module (example: weapon, shield, harpoon)

  • The right forearm module

  • The left shoulder module (example: weapon, force field)

  • The right shoulder module

  • The back module (example: wings, reactors)

  • The badge showing his rank and his belonging to one of the factions of the universe.

  • Two special abilities.

  • The body of the Mecha and its serial number

Each part of the Mecha can be sold separately. The composition of the robots will evolve according to the progress of the game.

Special case of Mecha Origins

When the first Mecha NFTs are issued, a special series called "Mecha Origins" will be issued in a quantity of 1000. They will be available only to those who have been staking Mechanium for 12 months.

500 Assimilated Mecha Origins and 500 Pure-Gene Mecha Origins will be available.

The benefits of owning a Mecha Origin are:

  • Getting exclusive NFT series from MechaChain. Such as skins or weapons.

  • Get exclusive offers on other partner projects (launchpad.)

  • Exclusive storytelling around Mecha Origins in the story

  • Get physical items, issued by Mechachain to reward its first founders, such as a painting of your Mecha, a printed figurine or a pilot card.

The Origins series is designed to reward MechaChain's early adopters.

Planet system and terrains

At the beginning, a limited number of planets will be available (5). New planets can be added later.

Each planet has terrains of different sizes.

A player has the ability to buy one or more terrains in order to obtain rewards and benefits. This mechanism will perfectly match with the game scenario, of which here is a theoretical example:

  • When a planet is opened to the public, 10% of the total number of terrains are made available with 50% reserved for Assimilated and 50% for Pure-Genes.

  • The ranking of the won battles between Assimilated and Pure-Genes is established. Before the battles are possible, 50% of the terrains will be distributed to Assimilated and 50% to Pure-Genes.

  • Eventually, if there are X% of battles won by Assimilated and Y% of battles won by Pure-Genes, then X% of land will be available for purchase by Assimilated and Y% of land by Pure-Genes. This will increase the interest in victories in order to promote the rewards generated by the different species on the planets.

Indeed, the terrains belong to the species played by the player. This is an important element to understand the system of rewards, defined according to the following example and rules:

If the player:

  • Is assimilated.

  • Has a terrain on a planet that represents for example X% of the number of terrains on the same planet.

  • And that a battle is won by assimilated on this planet.

Then he gets X% of the total rewards available in Mechanium following this battle. If on the contrary, the battle is won by Pure-Genes, then he gets nothing. Having terrains allows to get a reward while motivating the players to win by surpassing themselves, conscious of the impact of their success on the rewards of the terrains and on the colonization of the planet.

Game tokenomics and play-to-earn pool stability

The issuance of play-to-earn tokens accounts for 22% of MechaChain's total supply.

The purpose of the play-to-earn tokens is to attract a wide range of players into the MechaChain ecosystem, seeking token rewards, and to give ownership and participation to the most active members of the community. Tokens will be used to participate in tournaments and in-game rewards will be paid out in Mechanium. The more difficult the tournament, the higher the rewards. Tokens will also be used to access in-game digital assets (in the form of NFT).

We plan to use the "play to earn" portion of the program to reward key behaviors within our ecosystem, such as:

  • Competing in the arena and winning matches.

  • Winning tournaments.

  • Using the MechaChain marketplace.

  • Repairing Mecha parts.

  • Use future MechaChain products that have not yet been announced.

  • Allow to earn rewards by having your NFTs rented.

A game needs players. By simply playing the game, community members add value to the network and are rewarded. It's simple, but revolutionary. The MechaChain universe is a vibrant universe, with a community that brings it to life, bartering, trading, buying and selling, allowing this ecosystem to live while providing stability.

The case of Free to Play

In order to allow players to test the game without paying, our system allows to allocate a part of the Play To Earn pool to pay for the rental of a mecha and the entrance fee to the game to any player who decides to test the game, even if he doesn't have a mecha.

There is a limit to the free-to-play player:

  • The player will not be rewarded if his team wins, unless he is ranked first in that same game by making the most frags.

  • In this way, we allow everyone to discover the game. This will encourage more widespread adoption of the game.


Each Mechanium holder will have the possibility to stake his Mechanium. That is, to keep it for a defined period of time and obtain rewards in Mechanium from the predefined staking pool.

The staking is done according to the liquidity mining concept with the following hypothesis:

  • Two staking pools are proposed: $MECHA and $MECH/ETH.

  • A liquidity pool will also be available on the polygon network via uniswap.

  • The $MECHA pool has a weight of 0.2, the $MECH/ETH pool a weight of 0.8.

  • The 6 months lock has a weight of 1, the 12 months lock has a weight of 2.

  • Staking rewards, once vested, are locked for 12 months, but are added to the stake with a weight of 2.

For example: if the standard 6 months staking in $MECHA gives an APY of 40%, then :

  • 12 months in $MECHA = 80%.

  • 6 months in $MECHA/ETH = 160%

  • 12 months in $MECHA/ETH = 300%.

This would stabilize the token and encourage early supporters to bring liquidity on the DEX

In addition, access to the Mecha origins sale will be conditioned to a 12-month staking of a defined quantity of $MECHA (1000 for example)

The staking will be available as soon as the public sale is launched.

The staking's APY is variable depending on many parameters such as (but not limited to): the number of stakers, the duration of the staking, etc.

Governance: Proof-of-Play, Staking and Vesting

In order to determine the weight of each DAO member, two mechanisms will be implemented: a mechanism rewarding participation and an innovative mechanism called 'Proof-of-Play' giving more weight to active players of MechaChain.

We will issue a DAO token called Mecha Council to influence game decisions. The amount of Mecha Council per player will be capped to allow everyone to speak up and be heard.

Staking & vesting

The DAO weight of an early supporter will be partly proportional to the amount of tokens staked in the ecosystem and to his playing regularity. An upper limit will be applied to this factor in order to avoid too much centralization of the DAO's decision-making power.


A second factor, named Proof-of-Play, will significantly affect the voting weight of the DAO members. This will be calculated based on the number of interactions between the player's ETH address and the in-game MechaChain smart contract.

Our goal with this mechanism is to match the incentives between in-game players and developers in a new and exciting way.

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund will initially be managed by the MechaChain core team and later by DAO. Its purpose is to fund corporate and marketing needs.

In order to preserve the integrity of the fund, the MechaChain team will prepare annual statements that will include an overview of the funds' use.

The funds will be unlocked in the following manner:

Growth fund


15 %

6 months


1 year + 6 months

15 %

1 year + 6 months

15 %

2 years

15 %

2 years + 6 months

15 %

3 years

10 %

The fund's principles are as follows:

  • Clear added value for the entire MechaChain community.

  • KPIs and goals that unlock the funds (if applicable).

  • Maximize the user experience.

  • Integrate video game development.

  • Develop community and marketing.

  • Allow the company to have a strong stability and achieve its goals.

Note: there are 457447 $MECHA to be distributed for the affiliation (cliff of 2 months then 10% per month) and 278000 $MECHA for the airdrop (these $MECHAS will be claimed a few weeks after the listing).

Dev pool

The Dev pool fund is managed by the MechaChain core team. Its purpose is to finance the development costs of the project and the game. In order to preserve the integrity of the fund, MechaChain team will prepare annual statements that will include an overview of the use of the funds. The funds will be unlocked in the following manner for each allocation:

Token private sale

We have sold:



Round 1



Round 2



Round 3



Total : 15393718 tokens for 5216111€

20% of Mechaniums purchased in the private sale will be unlocked at the time of listing (at the end of the public sale) then 20% will be unlocked each month. (All Mechaniums will be unlocked in 4 months)

The unlocking for the team and the advisors is done as follows:



6 months

25 %

0 %

1 year

25 %

20 %

1 year + 6 months

25 %

20 %

2 years

25 %

20 %

2 years + 6 months

20 %

3 years

20 %

Of the 5 million, only 1,652,000 $MECHA is currently allocated to advisors.

Token and NFT public sale

We expect to sell 5.1 million tokens with a starting price of $0.7 and a target of €3m

The tokens will be entirely sold on launchpads then through a listing in early March 2022 on Uniswap.

If tokens should not be sold during the public sale, they will be injected into the play to earn or staking pool.

Funds’ use from the private and public sale

These data are indicative. The percentages can be revised at any time with an explanation to the community as to why a change is necessary.

  • A part of the funds will be used to provide initial liquidity on DEX.

  • A part of the funds will be used to expand the development team.

  • A part of the funds will be used for partnerships, outreach and market access strategy.

  • A part of the funds will be used for legal and accounting fees.

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