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In 2219, the Singularity has been reached by two artificial intelligences, Hêmérê and the MR-GL-201 project. Their technological supremacy led to the formation of two rival superpowers, the techno-democracy of Hêmérê and the algocracy of MR-GL-201. These two states expanded rapidly, absorbing neighboring nations and dividing almost all of humanity into two geopolitical blocs. In 2233, the two powers embarked on a space exploration race that gradually turned into an armed conflict. The arms race was launched and everyone redoubled their efforts to develop ever more sophisticated autonomous war robots for combat missions on extraterrestrial worlds.

MechaChain is a real-time team-based combat game for mobile devices that uses Polygon blockchain technology. This is a free to play, play and earn game featuring a unique crafting and upgrade system. In MechaChain, you will first have to choose a faction and select one of the five types of fighting robots called "Mechas". You will then face your opponents on the first available map, "MARS", with the goal of winning a strategic team battle and collecting Mechanium, the game's crypto-currency. You'll be able to use Mechanium to purchase new mecha parts and upgrade your weapons with unique crafting items found on the battlefield.

Become the best mecha pilot by upgrading your weapons, skills and modules with these rare crafting items and win the battles!


Romàn Czerny - Co-CEO

Marketing management, visibility and partnerships.

Co-manager of Romàn & Max - with over 152k Youtube subscribers.


Maxime le Morillon - Co-CEO

Marketing management, visibility and partnerships.

Co-manager of Romàn & Max - with more than 152k Youtube subscribers.


Frank Houbre - COO

Operational and legal management

Co-founder of MyMusicTeacher (online guitar lessons 300000 students) and BusinessDynamite (E-commerce training, 350,000 visitors/month).


Thibaut Dumont - CTO / Game Director

Technology management and product vision

Developer of Maere : When lights die (VR game, 120K players, 5M views), Unity3D/ARKit expert


Business model

Created an in-game tokenomics based on an ERC20 $MECHA utility token.

Regular creation and sale of new mechas and NFT lands.

Taking commission on each transaction.

Re-injection of a part of the profits for marketing, business development and in-game economy.

NFT real estate staking system.

Project Strengths

Unique NFT assembly concept.

Zero friction to play Mechachain.

Free to play, play and earn: free access.

Unique Crafting system.

Team of 35 people with gaming industry veterans.

Huge potential and market with mobile-first approach.

Strong marketing force and already existing community.

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