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The "free-to-play" model for mobile games is a popular business model that allows players to download and play a game for free, while offering built-in purchase options for additional items or features. However, there is also another emerging model called "play-and-earn," which allows players to earn rewards while playing the game.

In summary, "Mechachain", our free-to-play, play-and-earn game, combines the advantages of the free-to-play model with the advantages of the play-and-earn model, offering players the opportunity to play for free and earn real money at the same time. This allows players to have fun while being rewarded for their commitment and progress in the game.

Facilitate mass adoption of the Play-and-Earn model by reducing frict

Reducing friction is a key element in enabling players to engage with NFT games, and there are several barriers that can impede this.

Registration can be a drag for some players, especially if it requires a connection to a specific wallet like Metamask. It's important to make the registration process as simple and accessible as possible.

Purchasing crypto-currencies or NFTs can be a barrier for some players, especially if they can't afford them. Therefore, it is important to offer alternative options, such as the ability to earn crypto-currencies or NFTs while playing, to allow players to engage without having to invest real money, hence the appeal of Free-to-Play.

Crafting system

Players of our game will start with a free-to-play experience, where they will be able to explore the different arenas and fight against other opponents. During these games, they will be able to collect various crafting items on the field. By accumulating these items, players will be able to upgrade their battle modules, progressing from one level to another. (Common => Uncommon => Rare => Epic => Legendary)

However, it doesn't stop there. Players will also have the opportunity to upgrade their battle modules to an even higher level, by turning them into NFTs. To do this, they will need to continue to collect rare crafting items to use in the customization of their battle modules. This will provide players with an even more immersive and personalized gameplay experience, while allowing them to own unique items that have real-world monetary value.


In MechaChain, there are several types of NFTs:

Modules. They are assembled to create a Mecha. They are completely dissociable and have HP.

Plots of land, placed on different planets, they allow you to earn a percentage of the rewards earned on them.

Mecha pilots are individuals capable of remotely controlling giant robots for combat, exploration or defense purposes. (Avatar In game)

Purchases are made in crypto-currency and then in Mechanium on the official MechaChain website. They will eventually be made directly in-game. In case the coins are available on other sites like OpenSea, it will be possible to buy them in a different crypto-currency like ETH for example.

On each transaction of this type, 5% will be taken: 2.5% will support the development of the game and 2.5% will contribute to the general reward pool of the pilots, called "Play-To-Earn pool".

Composition of the robots

As soon as a new series of Mechas is issued, it will no longer be possible to buy other Mechas from previous series to support the scarcity of NFT.

The minting price and the time needed to mint a given module will be based on a mathematical formula taking into account the rarity of the component, its quantity in relation to the number of players and the last second hand price observed on the market.

The NFTs that make up the mecha are as follows:

- The left forearm module (example: weapon, shield, harpoon)

- The right forearm module

- The left shoulder module (example: weapon, force field)

- The right shoulder module

- The back module (example: wings, reactors)

- The body of the Mecha and its serial number

- The badge representing its rank and its membership to one of the factions of the universe.

- Two special abilities.

Each part of the Mecha will be sellable separately.

The composition of the robots will change as the game develops.

Players will have access to five different types of Mechas, each with unique skills and specific characteristics. The available Mecha types will be:

  • Gunner

  • Tank

  • Engineer

  • Protector

  • Executioner

The existence of these five types of Mechas will give a strategic and competitive dimension to Mechachain. Players will have to find the best combination of Mechas to annihilate the opposing team, using the unique skills of each Mecha to overcome weaknesses and strengthen the team. This will add extra depth to the gameplay experience and make each game unique and exciting.

Planet system and lands

Initially, only one planet will be available. New planets can later be added.

Each planet has plots of land of different sizes.

A player has the ability to buy one or more plots of land in order to obtain rewards and benefits. This mechanism will fit perfectly into the game's scenario. Here is a theoretical example:

- When a planet is opened to the public, 10% of the total number of plots are made available with 50% reserved for Assimilees and 50% for Pure-Genes.

- The ranking of the won fights between Assimilees and Pure-Genes is established. Before the fights are possible, the distribution of the land will be equal between the Assimilees and the Pure-Genes, that is 50% each.

- Eventually, if X% of the battles are won by Assimilees and Y% by Pure-Genes, then X% of the land will be available for purchase by Assimilees and Y% of the land by Pure-Genes, thus increasing the interest in victories in each faction. This will increase the rewards generated by the different factions on the planets.

Indeed, the land belongs to the faction played by the player. This is an important element to understand the reward system, defined according to the following example and rules:

If the player:

- Is an Assimilee,

- Has a plot of land on a planet which represents for example X% of the total number of land on the same planet,

- And a fight is won by Assimilee players on this planet,

Then he gets X% of the total rewards available in Mechanium following this fight. If, on the contrary, the fight is won by Pure-Genes, then he gets nothing. Thus, having land allows you to obtain a reward while encouraging players to surpass themselves to win, aware of the impact of their success on the land rewards and on the colonization of the planet.

Land rarity

Sold out in 35 mins : 499 Mechalands are on opensea :

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