The game is designed based on 3 different experiences:

‚óŹ Mecha Workshop: customization of the Mecha with NFT modules.

‚óŹ MechaChain Console: space map, planet visualization, economic management and NFT land management (buy, sell, view income).

‚óŹ Fight for Mechanium: fight in teams on the surface of planets and collect the precious Mechanium.

Mechachain is not a classic TPS. We want to direct the gameplay towards a fierce war with the objective of harvesting Mechanium.


Mecha Builder is a customization interface for selecting your Mecha, assembling modules and viewing the characteristics of your combat robot.

MechaChain Console

2D map with planets. The selection of a planet shows its characteristics, its description and its surface with the terrains on it. Selecting a terrain shows its details and the Mechanium accumulated (if purchased) by its owner or allows him to buy it. Each land is an NFT. Each land is either Pure-Genes or Assimilee. The terrains generate Mechanium from the battles that take place on the battlefield of the planet on which they are located.

Fight for Mechanium


TPS (Third Person Shooter)


Left pad: movement joystick, main weapon shooting

Right pad: aiming joystick, main weapon shooting, 4 actions.

Special keys: double slide up to take off (fly).


‚óŹ Walk/run on the ground with the left pad joystick.

‚óŹ Fly in the air with left pad + right pad joysticks.

‚óŹ Main shot (accessible on both pads): shoot on both "forearm" modules.

‚óŹ Special abilities with the right pad buttons: deploy energy shield, flash, teleportation, shoot from the shoulder modules, sniper zoom, etc.

‚óŹ Can interact with certain level design elements: call the collection pod in front of Mechanium, dig into the rock, etc.

‚óŹ Heal an ally (can be faster with the appropriate module).


Two teams compete: the Assimilee team versus the Pure-Gene team.

‚óŹ Up to 6 players per team.

‚óŹ One battlefield per planet in the MechaConsole.

‚óŹ Objective: collect as much Mechanium as possible while fighting against the other team.

Level Design

‚óŹ 3 critical "areas" per map.

Team A's spaceship (landing point)

Team B's spaceship (landing point)

The Mechanium collection area in the middle of the map randomly distributed.

‚óŹ Reference in terms of elements, details and graphics: Super Mecha.

Champions / Creative Destruction

‚óŹ Size: we want to create a medium sized map to have intense battles since we have a maximum of 12 players.

‚óŹ Limitations: closed map, invisible half-sphere / walls.

Landing points

Each team arrives on the map in a spaceship and jumps / teleports from it to the ground. The spaceships stay in the air at the same place, waiting for the Mechanium collection to be sufficient for the Mechas to be evacuated.

The landing points are probably located in opposite places on the map.

The Mechanium collection area. It can be an excavation, an abandoned mine or a mountain with tunnel entrances (but the tunnels cannot be explored).

In each game, 3 to 5 "spots/pockets" of Mechanium are randomly generated in this area.

Main characteristics of a battle

Victory conditions:


‚óŹ A team manages to gather in the main ship more than 50% of the Mechanium of the map and manages to escape. Then the team wins the collected Mechanium and shoots down the other team's spaceship from the planet's atmosphere.


‚óŹ One team wipes out the other team so that there are no players left to heal/reanimate the broken Mechas. Then the team gets all the Mechanium on the planet.

Collecting Mechanium

1 - The first step for teams is to find Mechanium pockets on the map with dedicated vision modules equipped (or not) on their Mechas, by moving to the middle of the map (the Mechanium collection area).

2- Once a pocket is discovered, it is necessary to excavate it by digging a little in the rock/ground, or by activating some vision modules.

3- When a Mechanium pocket is excavated, a radiation alert is sent to all players on the map, informing the other team that their opponents have found Mechanium and that they are going to take it.

4- When the Mechanium is accessible, the team can call for a collection pod (a small spacecraft) that is sent from the main spacecraft. The call takes about 20 seconds and being under enemy fire interrupts the call.

5- As soon as it arrives, the pod automatically starts collecting the Mechanium. The pod can be destroyed by opponents during this stage and can only take a limited amount of damage. If the pod is destroyed, the Mechanium remains at the collection point.

6- When the pod is full, it takes off again into the air and returns to the main ship to deliver the Mechanium.

Game Mechanics and Mecha module specialization

‚óŹ Mecha pocket detection / scooting: some modules could make it easier, like special shoulder-mounted scanners.

‚óŹ Tank / Shielding Mecha: with energy shield modules, etc. to protect the pod and teammates during collection.

‚óŹ Healing Mecha: to heal (repair) teammates' Mechas faster and avoid the annihilation scenario.

‚óŹ Mecha Sniper

‚óŹ Harassment / Flying Mecha: to harass the opposing team while they are trying to call the pod.


Some teams may want to try to annihilate opponents rather than collect Mechanium (so that it is not the main focus of the game and that collecting Mechanium with pod, etc. remains interesting).


Wait for the other team to call their pod to destroy it, attack it and take over the discovered Mechanium pocket.

Collect and escape

Split up to try to collect as much Mechanium as possible, reach the required amount in the spaceship and escape from the battlefield.

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