MechaChain - Whitepaper - English


The rise

Year 2219, the singularity, the theoretical breaking point from which technological progress would escape human understanding, was reached in short intervals by two artificial intelligences:
Hêmérê (Ἡμέρη), at the heart of which were inscribed the 'ancient precepts', a series of rules imbued with humanistic philosophy, including the integrity of the human body and mind.
The MR-GL-201 project, agnostic of any philosophical, religious or moral bias, having as its only order the prosperity of the human race.
The emergence of these two artificial intelligences and the lightning technological progress that follows lead to the formation of two opposing superpowers, integrating the machine at the heart of their governance and development: the techno-democracy of Hêmérê and the algocracy of MR-GL-201.
The technological, societal and economic performances of these new states were such that neighboring nations and peoples were quickly added to them, dividing, in only a few years, almost all of humanity into two geopolitical blocks.

Expansion, conflict and the birth of the Mechas

Carrying radically different visions for the prosperity of the human race, but both conscious of the need to push back the frontiers of the terrestrial world, the two superpowers engaged in a new space race, aiming at the exploration, conquest and exploitation of outer worlds.
In this context of extraterrestrial expansion, a war broke out between the two states in the year 2234, as the algocracy of MR-GL-20 considered the cohabitation with the techno-democracy of Hêmérê necessary on earth, but superfluous and unproductive outside.
The space race was joined by an arms race. From the conception of analysis, exploitation and exploration robots, research was oriented towards the creation of war robots capable of fighting on distant worlds and resisting the most extreme conditions.
From this research were born the Mechas, titanic and super-powerful machines capable of entering into symbiosis with their human pilots through brain-machine interfaces. At the heart of these war machines are state-of-the-art generators that exploit the fabulous energy potential of Mechanium, a mineral discovered during the first extraterrestrial mining campaigns, within the rocky aggregates of certain gaseous planets.

From Earth to the Stars

In parallel with the dispatch of the first Mechas to the battlefields on the direct outskirts of Earth, two interstellar communication networks allowing the connection between Mechas and pilots at several parsecs distance were created in parallel by the two superpowers. They were brought online almost simultaneously on the night of June 24, 2236, known as the night of the rising stars. They were initiated by the sending from earth and the first outlying colonies of a myriad of satellites that lit up the night sky for several days.
The result of an advanced knowledge of quantum physics, the complexity of which is difficult for humans to grasp, these mysterious networks were named MechaChain.

The Pure-genes

The citizens of the techno-democracy of Hêmérê are called pure-genes. They are close to the current human, are under the governance and protection of Hêmérê. They aspire to a galactic empire in line with the great democracies of the past century serving the human individual. At the head of the government sits a democratically elected assembly in charge of the exploitation of Hêmérê.
The pure-gene pilots use non-intrusive symbiotic mechas in their battles, with which they synchronize via electroencephalographic helmets.
Under the direct orders of the Hêmérê assembly, the guardians of the precepts carry and protect the philosophical and humanistic heritage of the techno-democracy of Hêmérê: they are the shield that protects humanity and the individual from the temptations of transhumanism and the corruption of the human spirit. They are respected and celebrated for the protection they provide as for their righteousness and justice.
Rejecting transhumanism and the modification of the human mind, the pure-genes can no longer understand the exponential technicality of the artificial intelligence of Hêmérê, which they consider to be of divine essence. The fascination and the growing faith that the citizens carried towards Hêmérê gave birth to a cult in its name, the cult of Hêmérê, recognized as state religion with a power almost equivalent to that of the assembly.
The priests of the cult, at the same time engineers and preachers, study the science underlying the creation of Hêmérê and mystify his word which they consider to be divine. They have the best knowledge of his technology and have privileged access to his discoveries.
Fanatics for some, but feared by all, the pilots of the inquisition are bearers of an extreme interpretation of the precepts and are the most fervent followers of the cult of Hêmérê. They consider any transhumanist drift as blasphemous and impious and are in the front lines of the galactic colonial army of the techno-democracy of Hêmérê, ruthless in their fight against the assimilated.

The Assimilees

The assimilated, transhumans merging in body and mind with MR-GL-201, have a eugenic, Darwinian and expansionist vision of the future of the human race, similar to a single organism intended to expand to the ends of the universe.
They are in continuous symbiosis with the mother intelligence and their mecha through an intrusive neural interface, various implants as well as hormonal and genetic treatments.
The minds of the assimilated waver between remnants of humanity and the cruelty and mathematical totalitarianism of MR-GL-201. The individual fades away to make room for a hive mind and a perpetual thirst for power, leading the assimilated to modify their bodies in extreme ways.
Their mechas, which are bio-mechanical machines, take on some of the physical traits of their pilot in proportion to his degree of assimilation. In a two-way symbiotic relationship, the body and brain of the pilots also alter as they fight, taking on some of the characteristics of the mecha in order to condition their mind to move more efficiently. One can find assimilated with an extra appendage to better master the bio-mechanical tail of certain mecha and some pilots do not hesitate to accelerate the process through operations and prostheses.
The assimilated elite, whose members are nicknamed "the immortals", have completed their full assimilation with their mecha and MR-GL-201. Their bodies, kept alive on earth in capsules within the great city and intubated for nourishment, are inert and greatly modified. The immortals have perfect control over their new bodies. Their minds, assimilated within MR-GL-201, are beyond the limits of the human brain. Their existence can only end with the destruction, very hypothetical, of the mother intelligence.