Team and Partnership

The MechaChain team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs:

- Roman Czerny - CEO

- Frank Houbre - COO

- Maxime Le Morillon - CMO

- Thibaut Dumont – CTO

In addition, Ethernal Horizons, our Web-3 gaming studio, employs 30 people.

Art Director:

Tommaso Renieri:

An outstanding strength and visibility

The founding members of MechaChain are experienced and have a strong track record thanks to their previous ventures in online training. The communities they bring with them are already sensitive to the cryptocurrency theme.

Their coupled network allows them to reach over a million French speakers.



Kevuru Games is a leading European company in the field of artistic production and video game development, creating projects for international clients.

Main features of the company:

Over 400 talented artists and highly skilled game developers; 10 years of experience in the global video game industry; 90% of our clients are willing to recommend us; 46% annual revenue growth.


Machination is a new tool for game designers to create and test economic and monetization systems for video games. It uses visual programming based on "nodes" to visually represent the different elements of the system, making it easy to understand and modify the system.

It is also possible to link this tool directly to games using plugins for popular game engines such as Unity or Unreal Engine. With this platform, game designers can now map, simulate and optimize the complex systems in their games during the production phase, which is a real advantage over traditional spreadsheet-based methods.

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