MechaChain - Whitepaper - English

DAO and community participation

MechaChain's core team wants to make it a living, evolving and dynamic game by setting up a DAO and a constant exchange with the community. We will then be able to develop new features that meet the market's expectations and trends as much as possible. The gameplay will be refined over time and the developers also intend to use the power of the DAO to balance the game as best as possible.
This DAO will be structured around the Mecha Council and will allow the implementation of several decentralized governance mechanisms. The Mecha Council will be developed in parallel with the game development.

Survey of the community's expectations

The team will be able to submit development ideas to the community for a vote, which could take the form of a binary choice (yes/no) or a multiple choice (choice among several play modes, etc.). The team will take into account the opinions expressed in this survey when making its decision.

Convening of the team by the community

The community will have the right to formulate and vote for proposals. A dedicated web interface (D-App) will be provided to guide the author in writing and documenting his proposal as well as to collect the divergent opinions and the opinion of the whole DAO.
Once a threshold of votes has been gathered, the MechaChain team commits to review the proposal and provide a response to the community taking into account:
  • The technical feasibility of the proposal.
  • Its impact on the economic viability of the game.
  • Its adequacy with the game's universe and narrative.
The proposals judged to be of interest on the basis of these three criteria will then be proposed to a wider vote of all the players directly in the game for final validation. The most popular proposals will be developed by the MechaChain team.
Finally, the best proposals will allow their authors to receive rewards defined in the future.
The MechaChain team has the firm intention to work hand in hand with the community to develop a universe and a game experience in line with their expectations, while remaining coherent on a narrative and economic level.