MechaChain - Whitepaper - English


The universe in a few clicks: MechaChain web

In order to allow greater accessibility and minimal friction, the MechaChain console (planet macro-management and space exploration) and the workshop (Mecha configuration) will be accessible directly on the browser. To take part in the battle, on the other hand, it will be necessary to download the game on mobile.

Mecha in the palm of your hand: Android and iOS

MechaChain will be developed with a mobile-first approach, targeting Android and iOS systems first.
The choice of a mobile game reflects our desire to address a wide audience, ultimately beyond the borders of the cryptocurrency world, and to carry the vision of an accessible, entertaining and rewarding e-sport for all. This choice is in line with the transformation of mobile games offering increasingly developed and rich stories and gameplay, as well as the emergence of mobile e-sports in Asia (League of Legend, Wild Riot, etc.)
In addition, a mobile game offers the following advantages:
  • In-game purchase mechanisms already anchored in the players' habits.
  • A better comfort for the management of colonies, mechaniums and mechas for MechaChain users, whether they are players or not.
  • A larger audience.
  • To be in line with our capabilities as an independent studio, whether in terms of features, time or budget.
  • The opportunity to better track game installations and thus, better calibrate marketing budgets, giving additional security to the company.

Virtual reality and metavers

MechaChain's team has a long experience with virtual reality and fully understands its current and future challenges. We are convinced that we are on the verge of the emergence of the first metavers and of a radical change in our relationship with reality and the virtual world.
In the longer term, we would like to push the symbiosis between the pilot and his mecha to the maximum. We will consider the development and design of a game and an inclusive universe designed for the use of VR headsets. Moreover, MechaChain's narrative and universe, in which the pilots wear brain-machine interfaces in order to pilot their mechas, leads directly to the player putting on his helmet; the line between real and virtual is blurred and the VR helmet takes on a scenaristic and intradiegetic dimension.